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recycling laptops for the underprivileged

Your old laptop can be a child's future. 

New laptops are bought to replace old, slow laptops in Singapore every day.

Give that outdated technology a second life and purpose benefitting deserving youth.

How your old laptop will make a difference

When good people come together,

e-waste becomes education.


Your old, slow laptop, gathering dust at home, simply becomes more outdated over time, eventually contributing to e-waste. 


By taking advantage of a RE-PC donation event, your laptop can be made useful again and create educational opportunities for a less fortunate child.


How it works


Our mechanism has been designed ground up to be low-cost, efficient and effective. And we target recipients who will benefit the most.


1. Old, slow laptops are donated to RE-PC.


Our Donation Opportunity Events are located in easy to access locations, several times a year.


2. The old laptops you donate are wiped, so your personal data and information will never be seen by anyone else. Ever.


3. The old laptops are reformatted with the Ubuntu/ Lubuntu operating systems.


These OS's are specially designed to make old hardware usable again.


These OS provide access to an entire ecosystem of free software, online productivity apps and educational content.


4. The refurbished laptops are now good to go to homes with deserving children.



Why Contribute to the RE-PC program?

You become part of a movement providing equal opportunity for disadvantaged youth


105,000 households in Singapore earn less than SGD1,500 per month



Not having access to computing at home robs the child of independant learning opportunities outside the classroom. Give the child room to pursue their interests and passions like their peers.



Children adapt with incredible speed, if given the room to expand their minds and perspective. Restricting them from exploring a new digital world creates a learning gap between them and more affluent society.



A new paradigm of sustainable consumerism, and compromise free living is upon us. Rather than contribute to e-waste, participate in the RE-PC movement. You'll extend the lifespan of your electronics and reduce impact on the environment.


RE-PC allows anyone to be a part of a "responsible upgrading" movement


donation opportunity events

Donation Opportunity Events

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Spread the word, share the link, inspire your peers.

That way, when RE-PC is ready, the impact of the idea becomes real. 


Frequently Asked Questions

1. What laptops can I donate?

We accept Laptops and Macs up to 7 years old. To make RE-PC work, we ask that you only donate mechanically functioning laptops, with no hardware issues. 


The laptops should include laptop charger, so that the machine is good to go.


We are also not accepting computers at the moment.


2. What condition of laptop is acceptable?

The Laptop should be donated fully charged and should be able to be turned off and on. Thanks to the RE-PC program, it doesnt matter how slow the laptop is, or how long it's battery life is.


Cosmetic condition of the laptop doesnt matter. For example, scratches and decals don't matter. However, laptops with cracked, poorly working screens can't be part of the program at this point.


3. Checklist of assessing your laptop

a. Fully charged

b. Turns off and on.

c. Screen works and displays text clearly.


4. Will I ever get my laptop back?

No. The laptops will be checked, repurposed with a new OS and distributed to schools and deserving students. The laptops will be loaned to the students for a two year period so that they can stay in the system and upgrade to a new RE-PC when the existing hardware is no longer fit-for-purpose. 


Laptops that come to their end-of-useful life under the RE-PC will be sent for responsible reclycling, having usefully exceeded their expected useful life by a significant margin, reducing their impact on the environment, having done so while increasing their positive social impact. 


5. How do I know who the laptop goes to?

At the moment, we plan to distribute the RE-PC's via educational insitutions and CDC's.


Privacy issues prevent us from sharing the recipients personal or contact information. However the average recipient profile will be shared on the site and newsletter as the data gets collected.


6. What corporate partners are supporting this initiative?

We're working on it, to make a greater social impact. News will be published here as it becomes official.


7. How can I help?

The best way, besides directly donating your old laptop, is to share news of this campaign with your family and friends! 


8. Can I donate tablets or phones (Ipads, Iphones, Tab's, Galaxies etc)?

Not as yet, but we are working on it.

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