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Innovation in Social Enterprise

Providing Educational Opportunity | Reducing Financial Burden | Extending product lifecycles | Reducing e-waste

RE-PC was conceived several years ago, in an opportunity spotting exercise. By reframing laptop upgraders and their unused old slow hardware as an underutilised resource, we enable opportunity for the low-income families around us. The elegant, free reclaiming of e-waste has the advantage of reducing ecological impact, extending the hardware's useful lifespan while delaying the relatively inefficient recycling of e-waste.


Our initiative relies on on the Ubuntu OS (, the open source computing platform by Canonical. This OS performs well even on outdated, low-powered hardware and provides access to a free software ecosystem that includes educational software.


Together with Ubuntu, our donors and the generosity of community at large, we have the opportunity to bring equal educational opportunity to every Singaporean, inside their school and outside the classroom.


In time, we aim to expand RE-PC regionally, for genuine impact at scale.

If you share our vision, please subscribe and spread the word.

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