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Welcome to RE-PC

There are 105,000 families earning just $1,500 per month in Singapore. Provide educational opportunity, reduce financial burden, extend product lifecycles & reduce e-waste with

Volunteers make a RE-PC event happen. Volunteer today. Create positive educational impact for Singapore's lowest income families

Helping at a Donation Event

What does a Donation Event look like?

1. Laptops are dropped off by Donors on Friday and Saturday.

2. Laptops are immediately reformatted and have Edubuntu/ Ubuntu installed on them as they are collected, also on Friday and Saturday

3. On Sunday, the Laptop recipients come to collect their laptops and go home with their new RE-PC's

4. So a RE-PC event needs volunteers for

a) crowd-control,

b) booth manning &

c) simple software installation.

Volunteers make a RE-PC event happen. Volunteer today.
Email us at or message us on our Facebook page. 

How can you participate?

1. Donate your old laptop to RE-PC at a donation event. This laptop will go to children from needy families.

2. Volunteer to help at a Donation Event. Volunteering is simple, and you do not need to know Ubuntu or be a 'tech person' to contribute meaningfully.

Where can I find a donation event?

Donation events will be announced on our Facebook Page as well as via our newsletter, which you can subscribe to here.

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