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~ SGD 50,0000 in a single donation drive for children, a successful event!

$50,000 in laptops have now gone to worthy causes this year end, not so far from our peak during the pandemic. Scroll on to see scenes from December 2023!

During: The refurbishment process

Thank you to our laptop donors, volunteers and infrastructure partners who make this possible.

Share the message: redistributes laptops and puts them into the hands of children who need them.

We save corporate laptops from destruction, by putting Ubuntu or Mint Linux OS (they looks like a mix of Mac and Windows!) on them for a faster more modern experience for the children regardless of the older hardware.

Before: Collecting laptops otherwise due for destruction

This probably extends their useful life by between one to 2 years. For 20% of the laptops we do minor hardware refurbishment, like screen exchange or battery exchange.

Then the laptops go to the children of one room HDBs and similar causes.

After: Laptops are now fit for purpose, ready for the children.

We look forward to continuing this in 2024 with your support. Spread the word and we welcome you to stay in touch for upcoming donation events in 2024.

The amazing people we work with, past, present and future, who have supported us in various capacities, without whom none of this is possible. Thank you.

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